Selina performed a live reading of the installation Race Cards for GLYPT: You, Me and US Weekender.   Watch the full live stream here.

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IBT Provocation: How can Live Art Unfuck the World

Hello, my name is Selina Thompson, I am a performance artist, I live in Birmingham. I think it’s probably important for me to begin with a disclaimer – I forgot to do my presentation I really hate doing provocations I hate being asked a question like, how can live art unfuck the world. But more […]

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Theatre, Performance and Employment Provocation: QMUL

My name is Selina Thompson, I’m a performance artist that lives in Birmingham – though my company is based in Leeds – and I wanted to spend sometime today talking a little bit about how the work made by artists about and from marginalised communities is valued within a system largely funded by the arts […]

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We’re Hiring!

COME AND WORK WITH US! 2017 marks a significant step up in our work – now formalising as Selina Thompson Ltd we’re excited to announce two exciting new positions for core lipitor collaborators and team members.   General Manager Contract: Freelance (flexible, approx. 1 day p/wk) Location: Leeds. Can commute. Fee: £6050 Duration of agreement: […]

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Voyage #7 – Remember me as a happy fatty

THIS SHIP IS DOING CRAZY THINGS Nah, it’s not, it’s just sailing, innit? But the next time that I am beating myself up about my lack of dedication to my work (which is a common occurrence to be honest) I will think back to myself in this moment, listening to my cosmetics being smashed apart […]

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