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  *******This is quite a navel gazy post, bae. You don’t have to read it. I’m just letting you know.********* I’m not sure what this blog is for, maybe to assuage guilt? I am at home (home is Birmingham) and I am procrastinating. I’ve had two weeks off of work, and next week I go […]

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Buying Xanax Online Reviews

Hello, Yeezus’s and Sheezus’s   I hope that you’re well. I am posting this a hospital cafe, but wrote it from beneath a duvet fort last night, awash in a sea of hob knobs and tea (as is the post english student way). I wanted to write to a you a little bit tonight […]

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Best Price Xanax Online

Hello My Darling, How are you? Sorry I haven’t written in a while, I have been working a lot – with collaborators, oooooh! – and there has not been the space in my head. But I have thought of you often, and my room is tidy, and my belly is full, and I smell like […]

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Alprazolam Online Purchase In India

Somewhere  In willow In Oranges In many, many, many bags of £1 synthetic hair In Cello In Charcoal In thick, reddish orange carpet In congealed fat In stagnant water In the smell of burning hair In the heat of tongs and pressing combs In hair dryers In hot air In delicate white cloth In Rum […]

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Cheap Xanax Bars For Sale

HAPPY INTERNATIONAL OPTIMISM WEEK It’s the most forward thinking time of the year, I hope you’re still feeling hopeful and wide eyed about everything.  I hope you had a good Christmas, and that you got really drunk at New Year. Messy Mess is good for your soul. When it struck Midnight, me and my parents […]

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