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Hello!   We’re looking to work with a website designer and developer, to give us a bit of a spruce up.   We are an award winning and international small arts company who make theatre, live art, installations and publications.   We have had the same website since 2012 and, as our work and the […]

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We are looking for a new collaborator who will work closely with us on upcoming international touring.   Job Title: Artist Assistant Location: International Fee: £750 p/wk for an initial contract of 4 weeks (Freelance) Closing Date: 12pm 20th August 2018 Interviews: 30th August 2018 Start Date: January 2019   About Selina Thompson Ltd We […]

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We’ve been nominated for the Ellen Stewart International Award – and we need your vote! The Missy Elliott Project is a five year body of work that we started delivering in Manchester, Leeds, Sheffield and London in 2017. So far we’ve made ‘live’ Missy Elliott music videos, a 360degree film and the very early stages […]

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Alprazolam Online Purchase In India

Hiya Babs So it’s the end of Edinburgh The show had a sold out run Which means around 2000 people saw it It’s won 3 awards So many people have written interesting, compelling reviews Some of my absolute heroes have seen it and said extraordinary things And there is a moment each day, when I […]

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BOOKS Saidiyah Hartman – Lose Your Mother Saidiyah Hartman – Scenes of Subjection Kiese Laymon – Long Division Frantz Fanon – Black Skin White Masks Frantz Fanon – The Wretched of the Earth Jennifer Terry – Shuttles in the Rocking Loom: Mapping the Black Diaspora in African American and Caribbean Fiction Paul Gilroy – The […]

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