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That goes for both of us. Pop and put the kettle on, then I’ll get typing, and you can get reading. Ready? Found your glasses? I haven’t, hang on… Right. A Blog.   So you find me in good and excitable spirits this morning – The day after tomorrow, I will be settling into Bank […]

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Over the past few days I have been writing what I very seriously entitled as a Proposal for Performance Night naturally, having given the thing such a serious name, I crushed all my enthusiasm and creativity about it, and as such have been sat, staring at a horribly blank screen for hours. If I could […]

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Building the Bedroom Event Dates 1/02/2012 – 3/02/2012 Selina Thompson would like to invite you – no, urge you, to attend an event taking place at Bank Street next week, from Wednesday 1st Feburary until Friday 3rd Feburary. The key focus of Selina’s residency is constructing a piece of work looking at Bedrooms, and the […]

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Hello everyone! My name’s Selina, and I’m currently working on making a piece of theatrey-live artery goodness at Bank Street Arts in Sheffield. You can read more about that here: The piece is going to be looking at the relationships people have with their bedrooms, from the bed itself, to the contents of their […]

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So yesterday, I went BSA with my good friends Stuart Gresham, who is cinematographer for the NAtional Youth Film Academy, or something fancy like that, and Kate Warburton, who is a lovely girl, and we took some photos of the room I am planning to use:   So, one of the first things I have learnt, in […]

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