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Hello. I am in a hotel, because my house is a bit grose at the minute, and it’s made me ill. I was in hospital and everything. Don’t feel sorry for me. The money I’m saving on rent I intend to spend on interrailing around Italy next year. So, you know. If your priorities are […]

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Friday 2 November 2012 SELINA THOMPSON PAT IT AND PRICK IT AND MARK IT WITH A ‘B’ by Lorraine Wood   You are invited to a party, a celebration with balloons and party poppers scattered across the floors of the space, paired with a musical score of tunes that ooze aspiration, inviting you in to […]

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Team. TEAM! I got Arts Council Funding! Wah! Ahhh! Joy Unbound! In May, at the end of my degree, I made and performed a show called Chewing the Fat. It was precious to me, my first ever autobiographical, solo, live art venture, about the fat body, and my experience of that. It meant the world […]

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Ay (Eh?)-up… I suppose the main point of a blog is to write about the things that you’re doing and encourage people to come, and I’m working on various things that I think you might enjoy at the minute, and endeavouring to be better at keeping you up to date with this thing… so I’ll […]

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