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…On Sunday. “Go where the energy is. Go where you feel comfortable, where there is generosity and concern” I am living in a terraced house, opposite other terraced houses, next door to Irish drunks, surrounded by men that work a trade, and bellow across the street at each other, clad in overalls, their skin flecked […]

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Xanax 1Mg Buy Online

So. I finished my degree. I am making a piece, centred around things that POP to celebrate this milestone. Lots of really nice things pop, it’s a really nice… thing, to be looking at. Party poppers and popping candy, and popping balloons and popping bubbles and rice crispies (snap crackle pop) and popping champagne and sparkling wine […]

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Bluelight Xanax Online

This is a new type of blog from me, world. At some point, I’m going to update you on work – an urgent need that stays at the very top of every to do list I ever write, but not today. Today, I want to do what I never do, and I want to do […]

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I’m going to write what I hope is only a little blog, as it is almost four in the morning, I need to be up for work at 8, and  I have been emailing and the like for the past few hours. The voice that rabbits on to itself as a I type is sick […]

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I have returned! On the rare occasion that my degree pulls rank and reminds me that fundamentally, it is my reason for being here, and my presence on said course is what is paying for me to live, I have little choice but to ‘jump to it’ and attach myself to my desk with an intravenous supply […]

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