Stilton Mash

Stilton Mash is a one to one performance for public spaces, and has been performed in cafes, pubs, and even a shed. Audience members are welcomed into Selina’s church to ‘confess their food sins’ as part of a performed discussion around food ‘guilt’; and the language of diets.

Stilton Mash was commissioned by Drunken Chorus and performed at Hull’s Freedom Festival in 2013, and as part of On Our Turf and the Little Festival of Everything in York in 2014.

Also performed as part of a Micro Festival with Bobby Baker for Daily Life Ltd in June 2015.

Supported by:

Drunken Chorus and Freedom Festival

Promoter/programmer information:

For further information about programming Stilton Mash please contact Emma Beverley on [email protected]. This show is ideal for small interventions as part of a wider festival programme, or to accompany Chewing The Fat when touring to your venue.