Will you do a workshop / teach a university group?

Hi! I find workshops and teaching incredibly difficult, due to the ways in which my anxiety manifests – but do not despair! There are two options – the first is that Toni-Dee, our Associate Artist and access assistant can come in and lead a workshop, which she’ll have devised with me, and the second is that she and I can do a workshop together – but this has an additional cost implication. We offer workshops around Race Cards, salt, and autobiographical work about the body. Workshops about democracy coming soon!

Will you talk at my event?

Yes! I ask for a per diem, travel and accommodation if neccessary and two day rates – which allows for prep and delivering the event. If it’s abroad, I’ll also need to travel with someone, so factor that cost in too. I try very hard to limit the amount of these that I do – no more than one or two a month, but if I can, I will.

Will you be my mentor?

I am very flattered that you asked – insert a blushing emoji here! I’m going to say no. It’s frankly, absurd, for someone in their 20s or 30s to offer mentorship, in my opinion, I’m a mess and my advice is not to be trusted. I’ve tried a few times before, and I’ve always come out of the experience feeling that I was unable to provide what the mentee truly needed, so I’d like to accumulate a bit more life and practice experience before I offer that. I’m happy to chat things through with you about work over a tea or a cocktail. Also –

Can I come and watch one of your rehearsals?

YES. An enthusiastic yes. I think, far more useful than mentorship is for you to come and watch me work and decide for yourself what feels worth emulating, and what you think needs throwing in the bin. Our priority will always be supporting working class, people of colour who experience misogynies, so bear this in mind when you get in touch. But absolutely, where confidentiality allows, I am happy to have folks watch as little or as much of what we do as feels helpful. We will always try and cover your costs for doing this where we can, though we may struggle to pay you if you approach us.

Could you do some consultation on diversity and/or race in my institution?

I’ll be honest with you, it’s unlikely. There is a vaild activism to doing this kind of work, but it’s not where I want to put my energy and time. I was going to be cheeky and say if you pay me triple my day rate, but even then, I don’t really want to do it. So… no.

Can I buy a copy of one of your scripts?

Yes! You can get a copy of salt, that was published by Faber&Faber on this very website, and a copy of Chewing the Fat which was published in the Oberon Book of Queer Monologues at all good book stores. Race Cards won’t be published for a while (and changes every 9 months anyway), and no one has tried to publish Dark&Lovely yet. If they’d like to… I’m up for it.

Can I get a video of one of your shows?

If I know and trust you, yes. If you’re seeking to book the show, yes. If you are not in one of those two categories… no.

Can I interview you for my university/any other kind of education related project?

Before you ask me this question, please google the years of interviews that I have done about salt, race cards, fat, dark & lovely and even Sortition. If, and only if, after reading through all this you cannot find the answer to your question, please send me no more than 3 questions, and I will be try to write you a response. This is a request we receive a lot, and whilst it is always very humbling, it is also a request for free work, and we just don’t have the capacity, so we have to set boundaries around it. In the near future we’ll pull together a list of resources for you.

How do you speak to institutions about your access needs?

We have an appendix that we add to all our contracts when touring and doing residencies. We send it to institutions but also to collaborators, so people are prepared for what working with us might be like. We’ll put this up on the website in the near future, as well as a list of questions that we as a company ask ourselves before accepting work – watch this space.

I’m an artist and I want to know something about the financial/business side of things, can you help?

Yeh! drop me a little email, and we will share what knowledge we can.

Can I book one of your shows?

Let’s find out – email [email protected] and we can take it from there.

Would you like to write an essay, article or short story for us?

Yes – but not for free! I can only do two or three of these a year.

Would you like to go on the TV or the radio and argue about Race and/or Fatness in an exploitative, adversarial format?

No. So don’t ask me.

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