Vision, Mission, Values


Starting from our place in the Midlands and position within the arts ecology, to be an integral part of creating a sustainable society in which creation, performance, and joy plays a central part, while seeking to redress our unjust histories.



STLtd makes and supports political, ambitious, and experimental art that actively works towards the creation of a just society. Our work centres and uplifts those currently marginalised as audiences and participants. We work locally, nationally, and internationally, advocating for, and practicing, better working conditions within our field, and building restorative justice into all aspects of our work and creative programmes.



● Art Matters! It is key to social change, a part of a rich, joyful, fulfilling life, and it should be an act of service. We want to blow minds with our work, we want to think big, with ambition, heart, and a keen sense of solidarity.

● We should enjoy our work, and be able to do it with dignity, respect, safety, and joy. We should earn enough to be comfortable. We work smart, as well as hard, and we are a team that looks after each other.

● We are rigorous in our analysis of the world around us and the industry that we work in – we research well, gather information diligently, and carve out time for thought and reflection. We kick off when it’s appropriate – anger is allowed, passion is encouraged, and we speak truth to power.

● Equity has to be at every level – not just where it’s easy and cheap. We are queer, we are BIPOC, we are working class, mad, disabled, chronically ill, we are women, we are trans, we are of complicated immigration status, we have varied relationships to education, and we are brilliant: you don’t get the latter without the former.