Carving My Most Beautiful of Spoons

Cottage Cheese makes your skin go really soft. It's not right, but it's OK.

Cottage Cheese makes your skin go really soft. It’s not right, but it’s OK.

Guys, I’m making  show.

You stay there for a minute, drink some tea, eat a biscuit, look at the internet, and I’ma have a full scale breakdown.

So that’s out of the way, and I can get back to how I really feel, how I ought to feel, how I can’t help but feel, which is ludicrously excited. Like walking on sunshine elated. I intend to blog a fair bit over the next couple of weeks – pictures, fragments of stuff, lists. Partly for you, but also for me, because this is very exciting. I don’t get to make my first show again, ever. I don’t want to forget it.

Victoria Pratt is pretty Awesome

Vicky is my mentor, and my friend, she’s a third of Invisible Flock. Look at this: and then look at this . They don’t need me to plug them, but the people need to know.

Last week, we spent the day in spaces provided by East Street Arts and The West Yorkshire Playhouse (more on this later) respectively, and felt our way through what developing a show, and what developing this show in particular would mean. Lots of talking, placing, imagining, unpicking, questioning, refining. Blowing it all apart into a rainbow of sheets of paper, then bringing it all back together into exercises: key images, things to rewrite, things to keep a hold of. Quiet conversations with long thinky pauses about sound. The drinking of coffe and wine, the eating of roast dinner and fancy custard. Discussing fat, all the while watched by a cat on a diet, sitting on the mapped out version of the show.

Yorkshire Venues are Awesome

East Street Arts hooked me up with a beautiful office, so that I can sleep in bed, rather than work in it.

The West Yorkshire Playhouse provided a beautiful rehearsal room, complete with heat, tea, a wipe clean floor, and staff that don’t laugh too hard when I lock myself out (or in) 3 times.

Theatre in the Mill awaits, with a bar full of beer and the freedom to play.

Sometimes, people suggest I move to other bits of the country. No no.

There is a Small Gang of Women (like Beyonce’s Band) helping me out with it… they’re Awesome.

Some are making pinatas

Some are hunting for bondage tape

Some are bringing fairy lights in

Some are just coming round my house to watch pocahontas.

And some are Men, building websites and giving life advice. But you know, it ruins the Beyonce’s band analogy.

Making a Performance with Food 101: Bring a change of clothes, Dummy.


You should come and see it

It’s next week, Thursday, Friday, Saturday.

This is what I wrote about it 10 minutes before a copy deadline on the 14th May last year:

Selina Thompson
‘…at the moment, I can’t help but notice that in a society obsessed with fat – so eager in the appellation, so vocal in its disapproval – the only people who aren’t talking about it are the only people whose business it really is.’ – Caitlin Moran
These are the memoirs of a chubster. Enjoy.
That’s all for now. 549 words? You poor thing, you must be dying for a pee

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