First Trip to Bank Street

So yesterday, I went BSA with my good friends Stuart Gresham, who is cinematographer for the NAtional Youth Film Academy, or something fancy like that, and Kate Warburton, who is a lovely girl, and we took some photos of the room I am planning to use:

So, one of the first things I have learnt, in the spirit of learning as I go along, is to not just take pictures of details like the floor, but also to take big ones of the whole room, so that when I’m sat in my room furiously scribbling, I can remember what the place I want to work in looks like. Sigh. Oh well, I’m still learning.
The brief I gave myself when I was heading down there was to just begin by looking at things that were interesting, and to pick out little details, and to have Kate as a sort of model, so I can get used to imagining somebody in that space.
I was really happy with lots of the shots – but very much aware of the fact that we were trying to get things together for the residency pages on BSA, so that was in the back of out minds, and also that having other people there also made me feel a little pressured – NOT THAT THEY WERE PRESSURISING. They were lovely. But at the minute, all the ideas are vague feelings and flights of whimsy, so I’m excited to go back next week with a little digital camera and do some thoughts in the space on my own, having done a big think. 
This week I’m going to brainstorm a lot, so that I can have a really solid idea of what it is that I’m putting together, so that over Christmas, when I have to return to Birmingham for a month, I can schedule the piece, and try and budget for any bits and pieces I might need. I also want to figure out where to start researching, and the exact kind of research I need to do. EXCITING!

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