Materials are Important –


In willow

In Oranges

In many, many, many bags of £1 synthetic hair

In Cello

In Charcoal

In thick, reddish orange carpet

In congealed fat

In stagnant water

In the smell of burning hair

In the heat of tongs and pressing combs

In hair dryers

In hot air

In delicate white cloth

In Rum Punch

In Appleton’s Rum from a teacup

In a tape recorder with the stylistics playing

In Springs

In the banging of metal on metal

In sheets of blonde hair

In Bobby Pins

In Marie Antoinette

In a framed photograph of Lupita

In Very Little Costume, B. 

In a Bungee Cord

In A Barber’s Chair

Also, one of my favourite tweets of recent times:

@desusnice : Greeting all sisters with locks with a “Selassie” & a fist to my heart so they know their natural journey isnt in vain

He’s an idiot, but he makes me laugh.


(why you rain so hard, Yorkshire? We have so much to do)

(my scalp is crazy itchy. Pathetic Fallacy? Or the need for a scalp treatment? Both.)

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