WORK WITH US: Could you be our new Executive Producer?

Job Title: Executive Producer
Contract: Freelance (flexible, approx. 2 days p/wk)
Location: National. Primarily between London and Birmingham.
Fee: £150 p/day, approx. £15,600 annually. Plus expenses.
Duration of agreement:
12 months, with a 6 month review.
Closing Date:
 12pm, 20th February 2019
W/C 25th March 2019

Hi, I’m Selina Thompson and I am the Artistic Director of Selina Thompson Ltd.

We’re looking for a new Executive Producer this year. It’s a bit scary for me, I’ve worked with the same Producer for about five years, give or take, and I’ve only been making work outside of educational contexts for seven years, so it’s no small thing.

I guess, when an artist – especially one that is largely solo, and is making autobiographical work – goes looking for a producer, what they go looking for is a partner in crime.

Somebody who will love the art as much as they do, who will fight for it and believe in it. My practice has my heart and soul in it, my very bones. So I need someone who will feel responsibility of that, and care for it.

We’re a company that is committed to the marginalised. To people who are working class, have disabilities, to People of Colour, to Women, to people who identify on the LGBTQIA spectrum, to elders and children, to people with chronic illnesses, to people with complicated immigration statuses. So whoever this producer is also has to be someone who is keeping the company accountable to those values, to a code of ethics that sees art as something that pushes back against oppression.

Now don’t get me wrong – I’m not looking for someone with no perspective. I’d like somebody who takes their weekends and their evenings as frequently as possible, who knows that breakfast needs to come before the meeting, and that sometimes that’s enough work and its time to go to the pub. At best work is fun – a series of adventures that we get paid for. So it would be good if you had a sense of humour, and a rich exciting life of your own. Its only art, after all.

But above all, I want ambition! And fire. That’s what I seek in all my collaborators. Someone who reads all of that above and still sees the sky as the limit, who thinks that the work we create, with the values it holds, can go anywhere and do anything, and wants to actively be a part of planning and executing that – and knows that its only worth it if we still have integrity and health when we get there.

I’m not looking for someone perfect. The best producers have made mistakes, I reckon – and they’re open and honest about those mistakes, because they’ve learnt from them, and see their value. I’m not looking for all the answers, or golden expertise – we’ll figure something out together.

I’m just looking for a partner in crime.

Big love,

S xxx

To Apply: Download the job pack via the link below.

Please submit a CV and short covering letter (no more than 2 pages) stating your interest in the role and relevant experience, alongside two contacts for references from previous roles in similar fields to [email protected]

Feel free to contact us if you have any queries.

Executive Producer Job Pack FINAL

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