Between a residency, an occupation, a workshop and a durational performance, Selina Thompson and an intergenerational group of younger and older women of colour from Tower Hamlets will be present and resident in Toynbee Studios, Artsadmin’s home, for a two-week period in spring 2021, as part of Season for Change.


Like so many other folks who are lucky enough to love their jobs, I have done a little moping over the last few months for the new work that would have been. Sortition, which was postponed, became Oh God! Not Another One?, which has been postponed due to Covid-19. There are much worse things, but I was a little sad. I am very lucky though, and there are some, tiny, glittering fragments of my dreams for that work left over glinting away like fragments of gold at the bottom of a murky lake.

These delicate shards find their home in Immersion, a new project in collaboration with Artsadmin, which was STLtd’s new project in Autumn 2021.

Building on Oh God! Not Another One?, Selina’s ongoing artistic investigation of democratic participation and the politics beyond representation, Immersion explored strategies for pleasure, care, and well-being in climate activism. Artsadmin is based in Tower Hamlets, one of London’s most polluted boroughs, and the effects of climate change have a profound impact on people who live in our neighbourhood.

Immersion was one of the commissions for Season for Change, a UK-wide programme of arts activity focused on a step-change in climate awareness, activism, and justice, delivered in partnership by Julie’s Bicycle and Artsadmin.

This project was supported by ACT (Art, Climate, Transition) through the Creative Europe programme of the European Union, the Foundation for FutureLondon and City of London, and Arts Council England through Season for Change.

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