In Public Space

In Public Space is a collaboration between theatre company Selina Thompson Ltd, sound artist Lola De La Mata, and the gathered voices of those living, working and worshipping in communities.

Further editions of In Public Space are planned for 2024-25, but keep reading to find out about the project as it was created in Lincoln Green, Burmantofts, and Mabgate, Leeds.

Collected in houses, cafes, and art spaces in the local area – In Public Space is a sound sculpture by the inter-generational musings of neighbours, ex-midwives, volunteers, artists, and children of Leeds 9.

Through explorations in sounds, field recording, and listening practices – Co-Built from conversations, provocations, and atmosphere; exploring what makes us feel at home, how we build safety, and dreams of nourishment for our neighbours and communities.

Parts 1 and 2… move through generations with reflections of the past and dreams of our future, and how they might repair our relationships to public space and grow something new.

Pillars… we encounter more intimate portraits of three residents Jaya, Gloria, and Sally.

Seeds… dotted around LS9, you can hear ten children describe a plant they imagined for their local area during the summer school at East Street Arts.


In Public Space works as an audio tour of the area, and can be accessed using the Echoes app.

Click here to explore In Public Space Leeds now.

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