The topic of adoption and social work can feel loaded, and complicated, especially when we factor in race, class and immigration – and even more so where adoption is or was not voluntary.  Twine will explore the way in which the state can act as a parent and how government intervention into the family tree impacts our bodies and our societal relationships. 

At its core we want Twine to be a project about people engaged with this system, made and informed by those grappling with it, centring those still grappling with it. 

We’re making Twine through spring and summer 2024. Join our mailing list and check our socials for news of performances near you this autumn.



Past Research – Posted February 2024

As part of our journey into the creation of Twine, we are meeting with various groups of people to take part in paid research through a series of online roundtables, which are taking place the week of 26th – 28th February 2024.



We are hoping to meet people who are based in the Midlands, who have any of these experiences:

  • retired Social Workers
  • parents who have been through an adoption process
  • Black fathers with experience of adoption and foster care.

If this sounds like you or someone you know, we’d really like to meet you.

You can register for a daytime or evening session by clicking here and filling out the registration form. [please note – registrations currently closed] 

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