Call for Photos!

Hello everyone!

My name’s Selina, and I’m currently working on making a piece of theatrey-live artery goodness at Bank Street Arts in Sheffield.

You can read more about that here:

The piece is going to be looking at the relationships people have with their bedrooms, from the bed itself, to the contents of their wardrobe, to the empty coffee mug sitting on their bedside table.

The piece won’t be until April, but I’m currently in the process of researching the rooms, and something which matters a huge amount to me, and to this piece as a whole is how people see their rooms, how a space that is completely unique to them looks to them.

As a part of this, I am asking as many people as possible to take a photo of their bedroom.

This photo can be of anything – It can be your whole room, a detail in your room which you feel sums you or your room up, it can be the view from your window, it can be the view from your bed, it can be you in your room, someone else in your room, it can be under the bed, or through the keyhole or the closed door. Anything! It can be one photo, several photos, taken on your phone, or with a webcam or with a throw-away digital camera.

I am also asking for you to spread the word of this, so that I can have as many images as possible to refer to, as every image is another voice added to my piece, and that’s something central to the work. So please – ask all your facebook friends, your twitter friends, ask your housemates, ask your family – I’m particularly interested in the contrast between university modafinil rooms and home rooms, in shared rooms, in the rooms of people who are Pensioners, or who spend large amounts of time in their room. All rooms, any rooms!

Your photos would be kept completely private, and not used in the piece itself, and treated with the utmost respect, as a room is such a personal space. You would be helping me out a huge amount with the project, and I would be eternally grateful.

I need these photos by the end of January if possible – though I am happy to receive images later than this!

There are lots of ways in which you can get this photo to me:

1) Email:
[email protected]

2) Post
Send me an email asking for my address

3) In person
I’m at Bank Street Arts in Sheffield Wednesday and Thursday afternoons, so please pop in and see me!

If there are any questions about the piece or about the use of the pictures please, please, please get in touch – I’m very very eager to talk about it with people, and please follow my progress! Thank you so very much. 🙂

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