On the Problem of White Walls, and Yorkshire Weather


Well, it’s not any more, it’s just hit midday, madness.

After various escapades with buses and keys and doorknobs and mattress pumps and ramen noodles and scarves I am finally here, sat on a bean bag in a gallery room in Bank Street, which, unless I’m much mistaken, looks and sounds very much like a student bedroom. It’s as cold as a student bedroom as well, but in the spirit of making myself at home, and taking good advice on board, I’m wrapped in a duvet, with a mug of coffee in hand, and feeling very cheerful.

The plan for the rest of the day is to keep making the room feel more like a bedroom. It has a sense of someone living in it at the moment – but it’s a very temporary feel, sort of squat like. There are lots of reasons for this – no actual furniture, an air bed rather than a real one, and also bare, white gallery walls, and no curtains, but these are things I intend to rectify with the help of lovely friends, and more stuff. One wall is going to have all the photos in my photo albums on them, I think, for comfort, and because so many of the rooms I have seen have pictures on the walls. Think its a student thing. But also, it’s nice.

The two big walls in the room are going to belong to an installation each – I’ve nicknamed one ‘The Old Curiosity Shop’ (because that room in particular is designed to excited the curiosity of those that enter it. deep.) and the other, ‘Bertha’s Room’ (after Jane Eyre’s infamous mad woman in the attic). Hopefully by the end of the three days, both walls will be covered in photographs, images, ideas, spider diagrams, bits of text, all manner of magic. I’m very excited.

In addition to this, I am FINALLY, and to my utter delight, going to get to work on your photos – I’ve been itching to start working on them, and now at long last, I can start using them, mostly to write today- I worry that anyone that comes down will mostly see a girl, say on  a beanbag, writing.

Tonight will be even more dull still, as it will mostly be a girl, sat on an airbed, reading various books and stealing images from them.

However, there will be little performances in the space on Friday (Friday’s the day to come. Friday afternoon, methinks), and fun time activities tomorrow.

There will be more blogs later on today, especially blogs about the exciting meeting that happened this morning – which took up most of the morning, to be fair. Not that I’m complaining. All manner of excitement. Come and see me, lovely people, nice to chat, nice to look. Bring Starbucks.

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