Thursday Morning, Wednesday Night

Hello Hello,

Welcome to Thursday!

Last night was lovely – very peaceful, and very thought filled: in particular, returned to the content of the piece, the exploration of depression, and feel… admittedly, confused about some things now, but have a head full of ideas for performance. I feel like the structure and the content are working against each other a little bit: not sure if I’ve come up with two separate ideas that need merging, or two ideas that need to be presented together (but then what connects them?), or if I just need to run with one of the two.

So what did I actually do last night?

  • Re read the Yellow Wallpaper
  • Ate an entire packet of Turkey Ham
  • Sketched out a potential room design (I can’t draw. painfully evident in a building full of art)
  • Discovered that there is a hole in my air bed. WOE
  • Re read some diaries from when I was very sad and depressed.

Revisiting things like that makes me go a bit odd inside my head, I think, and that’s a shame – it’s making it harder to think, and harder to engage with people when they’re so lovely as to come visit. But hopefully tomorrow I can turn that slight fuzziness in my head into a little performance, and then it will all be worth it.

I’m away from Bank Street today from half one until about half 4 – for which I apologise, something urgent and potentially exciting came up! But if you’re around Sheffield and you’d like to pop in, do feel free, I’d love to see you, and I’d love to hear your opinions about my two room ideas.

Ciao for now!


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