Work, Money, Mess.

So. I finished my degree.

I am making a piece, centred around things that POP to celebrate this milestone. Lots of really nice things pop, it’s a really nice… thing, to be looking at. Party poppers and popping candy, and popping balloons and popping bubbles and rice crispies (snap crackle pop) and popping champagne and sparkling wine and popping tubes of smarties (they don’t make those anymore, I was gutted) and popping peas and pop music and bubble wrap and poppers and clothes and when I was 13 and made my fingers into a pretend gun and went ‘pop pop pop’. Popping.

It is exciting to have finished my degree, and a huge vat of relief. This month I’m in a piece at the Crucible with Invisible Flock (being a mole. a golden mole. Superfly), performing a little… bit? A bit, yeh, it’s a bit, at West Street Live (the day after tomorrow. the popping piece), performing at The Carriageworks in Leeds, performing the piece on binge eating that I made, and applying applying applying like crazy to do more. I also have to finally finally put the finishing touches to my piece at Bank Street before ‘Bedhead’ finally has it’s week run there in the first week of July, as well as putting together the last LSL (July 28th) before it goes on a little summer hiatus (during which I’m going to restructure and overhaul it all, and find a way of making it much much better. I can do better).

My biggest anxiety, and one I guess I need to get used to, as… well… As, I suppose I’m setting out on a career based around the idea of freelance work, aren’t I? That’s a terror. Anyway, my biggest anxiety is money, finding a job, the standard graduate anxiety. Hopefully looking for a balance (i.e. a full time but flexible minimum wage job in a bar/restaurant that’s open at least 12 hours a day) between the ideal (a 21 hour a week job that is in arts marketing/money nonsense with 2/3 days a week for my work) and the worst case (a 40 hour a week job in something I hate which makes me too tired to do the work that matters to me).


More of this later.



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